"To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty"
By Phillis Wheatley

Transcription, correction, editorial commentary, and markup by Students of Marymount University, James West, Amy Ridderhof
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Wheatley, Phillis. "To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty". Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, Printed for A. Bell, 1773 , p 17 . Literature in Context: An Open Anthology. http://anthology.lib.virginia.edu/work/Wheatley/wheatley-majesty. Accessed: 2024-04-18T00:56:56.731Z

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17 To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty. 1768. 1YOUR subjects hope, dread Sire -- 2The crown upon your brows may flourish long, 3And that your arm may in your God be strong! 4O may your sceptre num'rous nations sway, 5And all with love and readiness obey! 6But how shall we the British king reward! 7Rule thou in peace, our father, and our lord! 8Midst the remembrance of thy favours past, 9The meanest peasants most admire the last.*auth1auth1The Repeal of the Stamp Act. [Wheatley's note.] 10May George, belov'd by all the nations round, 11Live with heav'ns choicest constant blessings crown'd! 12Great God, direct, and guard him from on high 13And from his head let ev'ry evil fly! 14And may each clime with equal gladness see 15A monarch's smile can set his subjects free!



_auth1The Repeal of the Stamp Act. [Wheatley's note.]