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Ridderhof, Amy (2 annotations, 12 texts)
Marymount University


  Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus (2 annotations)


  "An HYMN to the EVENING" (1 texts)
  "NIOBE in Distress for her Children slain by APOLLO, from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book VI. and from a view of the Painting of Mr. Richard Wilson" (1 texts)
  "On IMAGINATION" (1 texts)
  "On the Death of J. C. an Infant" (1 texts)
  "On the Death of the Rev. MR. GEORGE WHITEFIELD" (1 texts)
  "To Maecenas" (1 texts)
  "To S. M. a young African Painter, on seeing his Works" (1 texts)
  "To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty" (1 texts)
  "To the Nightingale" (1 texts)
  "To the University of Cambridge, in New-England" (1 texts)
  "Upon Being Brought from Africa to America" (1 texts)
  Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus (1 texts)